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Experience Action Sports events like never before. Build your Fantasy Team, make predictions and play against your friends to win prizes!

Nyjah Houston

Rayassa Leal


Who will win the competition?

Nyjah Houston
140 pts.
Yuto Horigome
200 pts.
Chris Joslin
400 pts.

How To Play

To join the game, simply click on the button below and select one of the upcoming competitions. You can then choose to play Fantasy Games or Prediction Games. Don't forget to create an account to win prizes!

Fantasy Games
Select your Fantasy Team for an upcoming competition and earn points based on real-life performance of your athletes.
Prediction Games
Predict a set of questions for an upcoming competition and earn points based on the accuracy of your predictions.
Win Prizes
The players with the most points at the end of each month will win prizes. Prizes include vouchers, gear, and more!
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